Kim de LaCrème

Words that could be used to describe Kim de LaCrème: hilarious, alcohol enthusiast, colorful, welcoming, and sometimes unsavory. Kim is a divorcée on the move and always prepared for a cocktail! The outrageous, and most likely overly exaggerated, stories could fills volumes of books and keep readers coming back for decades!

Kim de LaCrème may share the body of another person, but she is mentally her own person. Concepted in 2011, Kim quickly found her calling in front of the camera doing what she loves, entertaining and drinking. Thirsty Thursday became her home with, then-husband, Nathaniel (portrayed by Rachael Hall). A loyal band of followers quickly became addicted to the hostess with the mostess and her outlandish stories.

It wasn’t long until others took notice, which landed her recurring spots on a local television station, transmitted throughout Middle Tennessee & East Tennessee. Kim took it all a bit to the head and left for the big time, leaving small town USA for Normandy, France. Though on hiatus for almost a year due to the move, her return is scheduled for late March 2014.

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